What Your Hubby REALLY Wants for Father's Day

flip Yes, you just got celebrated, and now it’s his turn. But, what does the father of your children REALLY want? We surveyed close to 100 dads to get the answers. While some told us what they don’t want — like a Starbucks Gift Card (um, we’ll take it) or a family outing that will just stress Dad out (my personal favorite) — others gave us the low down on their requested goods. And, the top picks (in random order) are. . .

10. Flip Camcorder
Capture all those great family moments with a camcorder that can fit in his pocket. Weighing only 3.3 ounces, the Flip is not only the world’s smallest camcorder, but it holds 60 minutes of HD-quality video and it doesn’t require tapes or additional memory cards–one less thing to think about when getting everyone out the door. To get it at a discounted price from Amazon, click here.

9. Cookbook
Does your husband (or your own Dad, let’s not forget about him) love to cook? Then give a cookbook– the following two suggestions would be sure hits. Get your man ready for tailgating with the NFL Gameday Cookbook (click here to purchase). The author, acclaimed chef Ray “Dr. BBQ” Lampe has created this book especially for bringing food to the game (or shall I say, to the parking lot of the game). Though it’s centered on using the grill, it also has recipes for sandwiches, side dishes, desserts, and refreshing drinks. Or, Sam the Cooking Guy: Just a Bunch of Recipes (click here to purchase)–Sam is a San Diego cook featured on the Discovery Health Channel. His recipes are easy to follow and delicious, which follow his mantra that cooking is not hard, and it shouldn’t take a lot of time to make great food.

8. Home Depot / Best Buy gift card
These two gift cards were some of the most popular replies back from the dads we surveyed. What could be easier? I’ll tell you—ordering them online. No need to haul the kids out of the car to purchase this one! Order your Home Depot card here and your Best Buy one here.

7. Handmade Coupon Book
Looks like this oldie is still a goodie. Yes, it was requested and some suggestions for the coupons were: Sunday nap, meal of your choice, car wash, and get out of jail card. (Let him skip out on that birthday party of the kid whose mom you met at the park). Get out the crayons and have the kids color it in for the ultimate homemade touch.

caddyshack 6. DVD Comedy Classic Pack
What guy wouldn’t want a pack of movies to take him back to his youth? Throw in some popcorn, a six pack, and a coupon for “guy’s movie night” and you’ve got yourself a happy husband. To purchase, click on some of these choices he’s be bound to love: Caddyshack, Animal House, Slap Shot, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

5. Blu-Ray Player
He has the flat screen television, the DVR, the high definition and the surround sound. Complete the package with a new Blu-Ray Player (click here to purchase) which will support the best quality in video output for HDTVs. And don’t worry, you don’t need to replace your current DVD collection, they are compatible with Blu-Ray players. A little lost on the tech talk? Click here for some help.

4. Steak of the Month membership
What says summer better than a steak on the barbeque? Stock up the freezer for the warm nights ahead by giving Dad a subscription to a Steak of the Month club. Just like the Beer of the Month, there are a ton of different clubs to choose from, but in my opinion, Omaha is the most well-known. Order a steak from them, and you know it will be damn good.

3. Season tickets to their favorite team
Got a sports fanatic on your hands? Then what better way to tell them “I love you” than supporting their obsession by giving them season tickets? Is their team out of state? You can surprise him by arranging a trip to go see a home game. I actually did this for my husband’s first Father’s Day and it was a home run (pun intended). Stub Hub is probably the most popular site to get sporting event tickets—check it out here.

2. Beer of the Month Club
If you have a beer snob on your hands (i.e. a Bud Light is only drunk on a hot summer’s day at the beach) then this is the gift for your man. If you type “beer of the month club” as a Google search you’ll get a plethora of clubs to choose from. However, after looking them over, this one seemed to be the least expensive: The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

1. Boys Trip
Yes, it’s listed as #1 (even though we hate for them to go away), because the renowned BOYS TRIP was every Dad’s first choice when surveyed. Though what kind of trip was widely varied—surf, golf, mountain biking, camping—the message is clear: just as we need some time away with our girlfriends, the guys need the same. Give him a weekend off and you will be his hero until next Mother’s Day.

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  1. Hmmm, I don’t see my hubby’s top choice? Maybe too x-rated for your sweet site:)

  2. get him the Flip Video (first suggestion)…its a gift that is really for the entire family. i just got mine a couple of weeks ago and realize that i can’t live without it!!! plus, its a gift for grandparents and extended family/friends, too, as you can EASILY, send videos…any time!!! 2 thumbs up!!! just an FYI, i got mine (the HD version) at Costco for $199.

  3. I know a great gift for dad (and mom’s). Find a photo of dad with child, or mom and child a create a custom canvas. Check out this website, http://www.colorfulrooms.com/picturesandpatterns.aspx They can customize your child’s photo onto canvas background with cool funky borders. Different, unique.


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  2. […] does dad really want for Father’s Day? — Breezy […]

  3. […] does dad really want for Father’s Day? — Breezy […]

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