Sophie the Giraffe–more than a cute face

sophieA couple years ago I noticed that every baby I walked by was clutching on to this giraffe.  I was intrigued–what was so special about the toy? Then a friend of mine had a baby, and sure enough, when he was about five months old, he too, was gumming it up. So I asked her–what is it with the giraffe–why does everyone have one? She simply replied, “It’s fantastic! He loves it.” I started asking around, and everyone said their kid couldn’t get enough of Sophie. So, when I became pregnant for the second time, me, a lover of all things retro, had to get Sophie for my baby as well. I went and checked her out and WHOA! Sophie was $23.00! She’s cute and all, but a rubber teether for $23.00?!? After my conscious battled it out, I decided to get Sophie, and justified it with the fact that it would be my baby’s gift from Santa (she was born in November). Fast forward to today–my daughter is five months old and at that stage where she puts everything in her mouth. I pull out Sophie, and that too, goes in her mouth. And stays there. For a long time. My daughter can not get enough of Sophie. She gums it to death. And, let me tell you, do not dare take it out of her hands or you’ll get protest cries like you’ve never heard. Entertainment plus a soother for her swollen gums? Totally worth the $23.00. But, lucky for you, I found one for only $19.00 here.

breezy_deal1Breezy Mama Tip: Still can’t justify the $20.00? My son was born before Sophie was popular and he had the Original Rubber Duck and liked to gum on it to no end. You can get it for only $4.95 here.

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  1. Hilarious! The sales clerk at The Right Start was pushing this on my to no end and I looked at the price and put it right back on the shelf. Poor Harlow had to teeth on $2 toothbrush.

  2. Adella has one of those Original Rubber Ducks and LOVES it!!

  3. And its phthalate and BPA free….worth the extra money!!

  4. Jenelle says

    I am thinking my Evan needs one of these chew toys. Is Sophie worth the extra $14 or would the Original Rubber Duck provide the much needed relief? He currently loves to use my chin.

  5. Sophie has the grooves on top where her ears and horns are, as well as on each of her hooves, which really “get in there” and help provide the relief. It’s also made to be a teether, where the Original Rubber Duck is more of a bath toy. So, I would say yes, it’s worth it.


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