Jack Wagner on Fatherhood and Fundraising (and the Melrose Place Question We Had To Ask)

jack_wagnerJack Wagner is raising two teenage boys, but it was his own father that inspired him to host The 3rd Annual Jack Wagner Celebrity Golf Classic, benefitting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

“I lost my father in 1990 to multiple myeloma,” he said. “And in 1999 my brother Dennis was diagnosed with leukemia.”

After four relapses and enduring the chemo that went with each, his brother received a complete bone marrow transplant. “He is still with us today because of new lifesaving treatments, but we must still push for a cure,” Wagner said.

Having raised more than $600,000 in the past three years to fund critical cancer research and patient services, his goal is to pass the million mark.

In addition to his admirable efforts, he has starred as Dominick “Nick” Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful for over six years. Though he plays father to “Jack” on the show, he gave Breezy Mama the scoop on being a dad in real life.

First off, how is life with teenagers?

It’s great as long as I remember how I was when I was a teenager: if somebody told me “this” I was adamant about doing that. So I try to stay patient, and pray to God that I don’t kill people in my home.

Any advice and/or forewarnings?

Teenagers are all different but they are also the same. They want their independence yet they desperately want to know that you’re there. So, I try to give them both on a daily basis.

We’re heavily anticipating Mother’s Day right now, but skipping ahead, what have been some memorable Father’s Day Celebrations for you in the past?

My first, after Peter was born, can’t say that I exactly remember it but I know it was something I never felt before.

What have been some of your favorite gifts you’ve received for Father’s Day?
Handwritten cards. Getting handwritten cards from my sons always makes the day very touching.

Is it difficult balancing parenting and a career in show business?

My kids have been around show business since they’ve been born; on sets; people recognizing who their parents are. Getting special attention from strangers is always sort of weird for children. Yet today given there is so much emphasis on celebrity my kids have an understanding of it and an awareness that I’m just their dad.

You have a tremendous fan base on B&B, but do you think we’ll get to see you on the new Melrose Place?

I Love B&B and appreciate my fan base there and I loved Melrose in the 90’s. As far as the new Melrose, I know nothing.

Having been named the number one celebrity golfer by Golf Digest and winner of the 17th Annual (2006) American Century Tahoe Celebrity Golf Championship, are your golf skills something you’ve passed on to your sons?

Both of my sons are good golfers. I don’t know if they have a passion for the sport like I do, but as teenagers they have a whole life ahead of them to choose their direction.

Having had hit songs such as “All I Need,” have your sons influenced your music at all?

I wrote one song for Peter, “You’re a Part of Me” which was on my fourth album, “Alone in a Crowd.” As for Harrison, I believe there is a song in the future for him.

Do either of your sons have acting and/or singing aspirations?

Harrison just finished an 8th grade play. He seemed to really enjoy it. Peter has no interest.

Any words of parenting wisdom you’d like to leave us with?

It’s not about us. Selflessness is the word that comes to mind whenever I speak to new parents. As I get older I realize I am more of a moral compass for my sons, which means I try to keep the door closed when I shower and if I forget, they close it.

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  1. Just have to say–that photo is HOT. Looks better now than he did on Melrose Place!

  2. LISA SMITH says

    His ex wife is from General Hospital..KRISTINA WAGNER THE

  3. hay jack can you come to perth and play you cd that you have and send your cd albums to perth so i can have them all because i love all the songs on all the cd that you have done and any more that you are working on to


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