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oxi-cleanSimply put, Oxi Clean rules. Seriously. When my son was a baby, I didn’t know about the magic of the detergent, and thus, 90% of his onesies had a nice yellow stain on the back. Then, one day, I was educated. I was complaining to a friend about how baby poop stains, she simply said, “Go get some Oxi.” I did, and have never looked back. I keep a tub mixed with water and Oxi in the laundry room and whatever gets stained gets thrown in (make sure to keep whites and colors separate) to soak until laundry day. The entire tub then gets chucked in the washer. Stains? Gone. Completely. Now that my son is three, his grass, ice cream, blood, mud—you name the stain—item goes in, along with the baby’s—yep you guessed it—poopy onesies. Look at the pictures and see for yourself by clicking here!



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  1. Talk about a blow out! I LOVE Oxi, too! I keep a mix of it in a spray bottle that I use for zapping out stains.

  2. Need more answers, Alex…1. How much water to Oxi ratio in the tub? 2. Do you add rgular detergent to the load on top of the entire bucket(clothes, Oxi, water mixture)? 3. Is the entire load just the Oxi soaked clothes or do you add other clothes to the load? And finally…that was DISGUSTING “Before” picture! Ha!

  3. Alison–great idea about the spray bottle!
    Kelly–if there’s poop caked on the item (like the before picture) I rinse out in the toilet first. (My mom said this was how they used to rinse non-disposable diapers.) Another thing I do is throw the poop items in the washer BY THEMSELVES and put on the pre-wash setting. This gets the gooey sticky stuff off. So, now that you just have the stained item, with no residue, you put it in the tub, and throw one scoop (it comes with one) of Oxi on top. Rub it in a bit, and then fill the tub with enough water to cover the item. If water gets gross, do it again. After the initial item is in there, I throw all other items on top with it. When it comes time to wash–I put clothes, water, oxi–the entire thing in the washer. Then I add one more scoop to the washer, along with laundry detergent.

  4. Oxi is the best! They also have Baby Oxi Clean…not sure what the difference is though…maybe not as strong?

  5. I would think it wouldn’t be as strong. But, my daughter has sensitive skin, and the regular Oxi doesn’t seem to affect it.


  1. Breezy Mama says:

    […] that decides it’s time to embark on the journey. Potty training is not fun—it brings accidents, Oxi Clean galore, and battles—but once the poop (or pee) makes it in the potty, it also brings lots of happiness […]

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