Loco for Cocoa? Why the Hot Chocolate Date is So Great

coffee_cupDo you hear the sound of crickets? Likely not with all the toddler/big kid screaming and baby cries of boredom. And, yet, there’s this odd mix of nothing going on amongst the chaos. It’s called: The Dreaded Afternoon.

You’ve already been the chef, maid, stylist, therapist, chauffeur, accountant, police and circus clown for seven hours with a brief break during naptime and THIS is your Saturday. However, there’s still 2-3 hours to kill till the dinner/bath/book/bedtime routine begins and you can barely move, so how could you possibly get your now rested, energetic kids back out of the house? The breeziest way possible of course: the hot chocolate date.

It’s the win-win solution for the entire family. You get that mommy’s-little-helper burst of energy or even a caffeine free mocha treat and your little ones get a li’l something to enjoy, too. Most important of all, they’ll actually sit in order to sip their drink all the while everyone is out of the house. It’s a little one on one (… or one on two… or three.. or two on one… you get the point…) time that everyone can enjoy. Add it in to some part of your weekly routine and you may actually even start to look forward to the afternoon. No, really.

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: If you have a Borders near you, you can earn reward points on your Borders Rewards cards for coffee and hot chocolate purchases, too. When you earn enough, you get a $5 coupon. Use it for a book or… you guessed it! More coffee and hot chocolate. To top it off like whip cream, Borders ALSO has stamp cards and you get a stamp for each purchase, which is yet another way to earn a free cup of coffee. Plus, they go ALLLLL out on their kid’s cocoa treo -delish!

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  1. I recently found out that Starbucks sells kid’s hot chocolates for ONLY $1.10!! And since my discovery, I’ve noticed that if you ask other coffee places if they make a kid’s hot chocolate, they will, and they will sell it to you for less than what’s printed on the menu.

  2. I recently discovered that the hot chocolate from Starbucks is just milk and a few pumps of coco. So, I ask for whole milk, and just 1 pump in order to keep it on the healthier side. I also ask for it to be warm instead of hot. Now my 2-yr old and I can actually sit together at Starbucks and “hang out”. :>

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