Top 10 Mom Friendly TV Shows

510q2lbw0l_sl500_aa240_10. Chelsea Lately: E! Channel: She’s funny, has a great first name (ahem) and if you fall asleep you won’t miss a thing.

9. Deadliest Catch: Discovery Channel: Normally I wouldn’t recommend a show about fishing – something I have zero interest in frankly – but if you are up in the middle of the night with a baby to feed or a sick child to care for and you feel sorry for yourself, just tune in to these guys working — hard physical labor — round the clock, no sleep, freezing weather with waves crashing down on them: suddenly, you don’t feel so sorry for yourself.

8. E! News: E! Channel: Get caught up on all the completely useless yet juicy items you need to know. Takes about 15 minutes to watch because you fast-forward through “Tonight on E! News” (I don’t know the exact wording since, um, I fast forward through that part) because you don’t need to watch what you will watch when you plan to watch it. After fast forwarding through that and the first batch of commercials, you will be caught up on what type of coffee Britney drank today in no time.

7. Millionaire Matchmaker: Bravo: Cherish the fact that you don’t have to date any of the losers on this show that bring new meaning to: money isn’t everything.

6. Damages: FX: Think juggling play dates, doctor’s appointments, a marriage, dishes, bills, exercise… I could go on … is stressful? Try working with Glenn Close –a.k.a. Patty – wondering if she’s going to try and have you killed again.

5. Survivor: CBS: I agree the format is tiresome, but here’s a Breezy Tip: download it to your iPod and only watch it on the treadmill at the gym. First, see how fast you run during the challenges. Second, be motivated to work out so you can find out who was voted off.

4. American Idol: Fox: It feels good to take part in making someone’s dream come true. Even better: the drama of who got voted off. Plus, there’s that new drama of the judges being able to save someone that America votes off. My prediction: Allison will be voted off at some point and the judges will reverse it.

3. The Hills/ The City: MTV: Get lost in your BK20’s (that’s B-efore K-ids 20’s) again. Hop on private jets with Brody Jenner and dance in the hottest clubs all the while crying with your frenemies.

2. Oprah: ABC: Well, I wasn’t going to pass on the ‘ol stand-by. Besides, you don’t want to stop being able to say, “Oprah says…”

1. Real Housewives: Bravo: Doesn’t matter if it’s the OC, Atlanta, New York or New Jersey (can’t wait!), these women are insta-Mommy guilt remover. In other words, if you question your decisions or are down on yourself for your mistakes, watch the way these women parent and suddenly you realize — compared to them  — you are what we all knew all along: perfect.

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip: Watching TV with a DVR or TiVo adds years back to your life. If you don’t have either, request one for your next gift from whoever will listen.

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip 2: Most of the above shows can be downloaded on iTunes (click here) and many can be purchased on Amazon (click here) or rented on NetFlix (click here). All three options are commercial free, once again, allowing you time to fit more shows in, er, I mean, to read a book.

breezy_deal1Breezy Tip 3: Where’s 30 Rock, The Office and other insta-classics? The above shows are just the down-and-dirty-if-you-happen-to-catch-some-time-alone-to-watch shows.

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  1. Also added to my list:

    Talk Soup on E! which always leaves me in stitches and Brett Michael’s Rock of Love (on Bravo?) which is a good reminder of why we didn’t marry the “bad boy” we once dated in college!

  2. Dare I say. . .I was hooked on Sharon Osbourne’s Charm School–it made me feel so much better about myself!


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