Glamourmom Tank

glammour-momWe’ve all seen the ads—the cute redheaded mom with one boob out nursing her child. They’re in the back of every parenting publication I’ve laid eyes on, but have you ever known anyone to actually have the tank? Neither did I, so I was in the dark of how absolutely fabulous it is. I was in the need of some sort of jog bra—the ones I had weren’t holding me up and were uncomfortable on my new nursing nipples. So, while I was in Milkalicous (see Bella Materna) complaining about my need for an exercise bra, the salesperson suggested I try the Glamourmom tank. I did, and was blown over by how much support it had. I bought one and am constantly washing it because I am always wearing it for my workouts. Amazing.

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  1. Another one to try is the Bravado essential nursing bra tank…even though it does not come in 2 lengths like the Glamourmom, it comes in great colors and offers bra sizes for a more custom-like fit. Happy nursing!

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