The “Don’t Call Me Fat” PR Scheme

measure_tapeHere’s the beef: it used to be if stars gained a few lbs they were insta Oscar contenders. Robert De Niro started the trend with Raging Bull; Russell Crowe plumped up his role for The Insider and Minnie Driver fattened up her resume when she popped onto the scene in Circle of Friends.

Now, Hollywood has taken it two thick ankle steps further and if a star hasn’t been in the press for a while, they suddenly burst back onto the scene 15 to 20 pounds heavier declaring: Don’t Call Me Fat!

After appearing a little larger than usual in a bikini, Jennifer Love Hewitt herself declared, “I worked 20 years in this business and that’s how I got the cover of People!” Flash forward just a few weeks later and one too many headlines declare: “How Jennifer Love Hewitt Lost the Weight.”

Um, didn’t she JUST declare everywhere that she’s not fat, she loves her size and she’s going to ignore the obnoxious press? Right when we women banded together to defend her in hopes of giving our daughters a healthy body image, she up and betrayed all mother-kind.

She’s not alone when it comes to this weighty issue. Tyra Banks and Dancing with the Star’s Cheryl Burke both declared they loved their bodies only to lose part of them. And now we’re left with Jessica Simpson and Mischa Barton pathetically using their current curves to splash themselves back on covers. We get it – you love your body. Until you need more press. 

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