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9 Amazing Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Chocolate_PizzaJune is always such a busy month that, between birthdays and end of the school year events, Father’s Day creeps up on me. I am often reduced to asking the hubby, “What do you want for Father’s Day?”

Thank goodness for today’s e-commerce sites. They can make us busy moms look good while delivering amazing gifts to our sweethearts. Some of our favorites:



For the sweet tooth Dad

Dad is just a big kid at heart so why not treat him to a man-sized Chocolate Pizza that tells him [Read more…]

Dads, Sons and Competition


We’ve all seen it–what started as a little friendly competition between elementary aged boys turns into a full scale war and ends with tears–lots of them. This is an age where it’s hard to teach the fact that “we’re just having fun”, that life is not always about winning; one must enjoy the ride. This article came about because a dad wrote in to Breezy Mama--he was organizing a “friendly” kick ball tournament, and instead of enjoying the game, his 8-year-old son was out to WIN, and when things didn’t go that way, he lost it. How, the dad wondered, do we handle this? How do we teach our boys that’s about effort and good attitude? Breezy Mama turned to Dr. Ronald Levant, a professor of psychology at The University of Akron and the nation’s top expert on the psychology of men, for some answers.

How do I let my son know that I’m (dad) not disappointed when he’s not getting first place?

Convey to your son that sports are not just about winning and losing, but about how you played the game. I think the best way to do this is [Read more…]

LA Fitness Bans Mom From Breastfeeding in Locker Room

Baby banned from LA Fitness Locker Room

Monique Golueke’s 9 month old and 2 year old sons.

When Monique Golueke was exercising at an Oceanside, California, LA Fitness last week, she was told her sons were having trouble settling down in the child care area. After collecting her 2 year old and her 9 month old baby from the “Kids Klub,” she took her two young boys to the women’s locker room, realizing she needed to breastfeed her baby. What followed has many of us mamas in disbelief. Breezy Mama shares her story.

After breastfeeding your baby in an LA Fitness, an employee told you that you weren’t allowed to feed your child in the women’s locker room and escorted you out. What happened next?

I was holding [Read more…]

Are Dads Better Than Moms?


Yes, I’m aware that you read that headline and spit out your coffee with part disbelief and part laughter. How could Breezy Mama ever imply such a notion? In fact, I have read a few articles lately saying how the care-free parenting approach stereotypical with fathers can benefit children in the long run and those raised by a stay at home dad have an advantage over those children stuck with us uptight, play by the rules moms. For real? Turning to Child and Family Psychotherapist Dr. Fran Walfish, I just had to get to the bottom of this obvious rubbish… kidding… kind of.

A few articles have come out in the press comparing moms to dads lately, saying dads are more care-free in their parenting. For example, dads don’t mind if a child gets muddy, which, in theory allows them to explore and use their imagination. Meanwhile, a mom might stereotypically encourage the same child to slow down, not get hurt and not to ruin their outfit, which, in theory, teaches them to be cautious and to care for things. What are the advantages to both types of parenting?

I agree that [Read more…]

How Rob Reiner Came Out From His Father’s Shadow

Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner

Continuing on with our Magic of Belle Isle interviews, Breezy Mama‘s Melissa Ota had the opportunity to sit down with legendary director, Rob Reiner, who she found to be one amazingly cool guy (as did everyone else on the Magic of Belle Isle set).

From Melissa:

Renowned Hollywood director, actor, and writer, Rob Reiner, was shockingly normal!  His praises have been sung for movies like, The Princess Bride, Stand by Me, When Harry Met Sally, and A Few Good Men.  With an impressive resume and the candor of an old friend, Rob divvied out life anecdotes in nearly every response. In the current film, The Magic of Belle Isle, Reiner continues to inspire audiences with a positive underlying message to embrace life regardless of its difficulties.

So you mentioned a little bit in the press release . . . what do you want people to walk away from this film thinking or feeling?
Well, a similar kind of feeling that they had when they walked away from [Read more…]

Video: On FOX News With My Father’s Day Picks

This (Friday) morning, I had a blast on San Diego FOX News sharing my picks for Father’s Day. Funny side note from the clip, I had forewarned Erica Fox, the anchor, NOT to open the BBQ… we just forgot to tell the camera man that… whoops! To watch it, click here.

To see my picks and to order any of them, visit my Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Quick! Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Oh boy… it’s time to either hit the stores or click on the links below for next day shipping stat because Sunday is the big daddy of holidays! If you still need presents for the dads in your life, check out Breezy Mama’s Father’s Day gift ideas for the techie, chef, outdoor lover, chef and sports fan! [Read more…]

How To Tell If A Bump On The Head Is Serious

Every parent understands why there should be no more monkeys jumping on the bed… but when should mama call the doctor if they bump their head? All making myself giggle aside, now that my twins are walking, the bumps and bruises are visiting often. And then of course there are my three big kids – at least one of who gets a “strawberry” (that would be my three year old today) once a week or so. Breezy Mama turned to Dr. Vincent Iannelli– a pediatrician and author of The Everything Father’s First Year Book — to find out when a child bumps their head (on a toy, the dining room table….again…falling backwards, etc.), when to call 911, when it’s safe just to call the pediatrician, signs to be cautious of and how to treat a minor bump on the head.

Under what circumstances after a child bumps their head should a parent dial 911?

A parent should seek immediate medical attention if their child has [Read more…]

Holiday Gift Guide: Men

Ahhhh, the men in our life. All of our fathers, brothers, grandfathers and of course, the most important–husbands–what would we do without them?  No time like the holidays to show that we appreciate them, but they can be so dang-hard to shop for. Breezy Mama gives you the scoop on some of the most creative gifts for the most difficult recipients. And the bet part? Only one is over $50.00. . .

Coleman Road Trip Grill

What male doesn’t like to BBQ? You can give this to any guy on your list and he’ll be a happier man. No ordinary grill, this beauty is made for a life of [Read more…]

Beware: Preschool Mean Girls and Boys and Helping Your Child Cope

Now that I’ve been at this parenting thing for seven years, I have to say one of the more shocking things I’ve come across is the fact that the notorious “mean girls” (& boys!) begin at age 4. And I’m not joking. I’ve been in parent group discussions with a mom in tears because she isn’t sure what to do about her daughter being left out every day; I’ve over heard some of the harshest words come out of a kid’s mouth toward another; And I’ve witnessed both boys and girls being left out of cliques. It starts young and it certainly doesn’t get better from there. Breezy Mama turned to Dr. Fran Walfish to get tips on how to handle when your child is left on the outside of a clique, the skills to give them to deal with children who are rude to them, what to do when your child is the culprit and more.

The first time I heard there were cliques in preschool I pretty much laughed. I’ve since witnessed how harsh it can be for a child… and worse for their mom. How are kids already purposely excluding other kids at such a young age?

Yes, it came as a surprise to me too. It’s hard to imagine that children so young can be exclusive. It seems to begin earlier and earlier with each generation. I have seen 3 year-old girls [Read more…]

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