Ideas for the Summer Schedule with Kids


We wait all school year for the big summer break, anxiously anticipating relief from packing the lunches, turning off the alarm clock and ending the rush out the door. And then day 2 starts and reality sets in. The kids are home, bored and driving us nuts. How can we stop the madness? Breezy Mama has tips on how to make summer break with the kids (actually) fun as well as what to do when your kids have an attitude with you (read: disrespectful) and more.

1. Immediately establish a routine.
If summer camps aren’t your thing (or in your budget), it’s key to have a set summer routine from the get-go. Let the kids know what’s expected of them each morning– they will appreciate knowing “what should I do now” and you will appreciate the peace. In our house, every morning we have “power hour” with each of our kids at one station for 20 minutes each. And they love it! There’s not a lot of planning involved (no need to go crazy on Pinterest or raid the shelves of Michael’s). It’s one kid working on their math program online through the elementary school, one kid adding to their Scholastic Reading points and another with free reign screen time. The kids like to set the timer and I love the hour of occupied kids! Take that time for yourself and coordinate your day.

2. Plan together.

Take out your calendar and work together to plan the week. Mondays are a good day to hit the library to pick up books for the morning power hour, Tuesdays arrange some play dates, Wednesday declare a movie watching day and spend the morning choosing your snacks, Thursdays plan a big meal that everyone can chip in together to make, Fridays plan a bike ride to picnic at the park and every day hit the pool or beach in the afternoon… you get the picture. Decide together what you all love to do and make your plan for the week. Do you have to stick to it? No, but use it as your back up plan, too!

3. Sign up for half day camps.
If it fits within your budget, but you’d still like time with the kids, check out one week, half day camps. One child or both can enjoy the morning or afternoon away so the siblings get a break from one another and you get a break from the bickering.

4. Watch the bed time.
Sure, they don’t have to get up for school, but they do still need their sleep! If you get too lenient with the bed time, you may have a cranky kid that will make your summer days a lot less, um, breezy.

5. Keep them fed.
Along with routines out the window, so are scheduled meal and snack times. Try to keep the same feeding routine to keep the blood sugar level as well as the kids’ moods!

Want more tips? Watch Breezy Mama’s appearance on Fox 5 San Diego news. Plus! Find out what to do when your kids are disrespectful and how dads can bond with newborn babies. Watch here:

(Psst… if the video above doesn’t work, click here!)

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  1. This is an excellent article. Thanks for sharing. I love the idea of the ‘power hour’! As an elementary school teacher, I agree that your children should continue to read and practice their core skills over the summer break. If you incorporate the skills in a fun and creative way, your children will be more willing to keep learning throughout the summer months. These are important study habits that will enable them to be more confident with their academic skills in the classroom. Great ideas and great article. Happy summer!!

  2. Thank you, Maya!!

  3. Great ideas!! It’s easy to fall into late bedtimes & no routine but you’ll probably regret it. My kids are happier overall when they know what’s expected & we plan things together.

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