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5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

home made halloween costume 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Yes, it’s true, Breezy Mama is OBSESSED with Halloween! Though it can never come soon enough, it is MUCH better when I have our family costumes ideas! Taking a new approach from Halloween costume ideas of the past, we asked for do it yourself (DIY) Halloween costume ideas and here’s what was sent:

Get Toasty
“We made it with two large pieces of high density foam purchased at the fabric store. We used yarn to tie the sides together. We left cutouts for his head and arms. Then we spray painted the sides dark brown for the crust. And lightly sprayed the foam for a toasted look. It was a huge hit with his friends.” — Susan,

homemade gnome costume 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

There’s a Gnome in your home
Who doesn’t love the infamous garden Gnome! To make your own, Savers Thrift store offered up this home made costume idea:

• Oversized blue shirt

• Brown pants


• Fuzzy boots

• White beard

• Belt

• Craft stuffing or pillow

• Red felt for hat

For more fun ideas, visit:

homemade witch hat duck tape 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Witch way to candy

Love yourself some Duck Tape crafts like we do in our household? Then don’t miss this homemade witch’s hat provided by Duck Tape®!


· Color Duck Tape®

· Printed Duck Tape®

· Two poster boards

· Pen or marker


Step One: Cover one poster board in color Duck Tape®.

Step Two: Shape your poster board into a cone shape. Tape the seams to secure the cone shape with a strip of Duck Tape®. This is for the top of your hat.

Step Three: Draw and cut out a circle larger than the opening of the cone on your poster board.

Step Four: Cover your circle from step three with Duck Tape®.

Step Five: Place the cone shape in the center of your circle and trace it. Cut the circle out.

Step Six: Attach the cone and circle together with strips of Duck Tape®.

For more costume ideas and to learn about their fun give away going on right now, visit:

bubble bath 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Rubber ducky, you’re so fine…

Bubble Bath

Yellow Ducky baby bathtub ($14 at Target)
1 package of white balloons
white string
shower cap
shower caddy to collect candy in!

Cut out the bottom of the ducky bathtub just enough for your child’s
legs to fit through…you want the duck to sit on her hips without having
to make suspenders! Be careful not to cut the inflatable part!
Blow up the balloons.
Use the white string to tie the balloon together leaving about 12″ of
space between each knot.
Have you child get in the ducky, then drape the strand of balloons
around her.
Add a shower cap!
Note: This was a prize winning Halloween costume!
– Kristl Story,

homemade Hindu Goddess Kali1 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes

Remember YOUR inner Goddess
What you need
Blue and/or Green Nail Polish
Duo Surgical Adhesive (for eyelashes)
Black, Brown or Red Lip Liner
Black and Red Eyeliner
Eye Lashes
Blue Face Cream (not pictured here around 3.99 at a Halloween store) – tube brand

Giant earrings
Lots of jewelry- preferably with skulls and bones
Flat shoes that you don’t mind painting (or glittery shoes)
Black Crazy Long Hair Wig
Bracelets (skull bracelets purchased at 99 cent store)
Necklace (small skull necklace purchased at 99 cent store)
Large skull necklace (purchased at Halloween store in Caveman section)

Large cardboard box or large white cardboard piece (Target 2.99)
Elmers School Glue
Gems (Michaels or Joanne’s Fabrics for 2-4.99)
Old leftover easter decorations (made of foam) or any foam you can cut and paint
Glittery Paint (1.99 at Joanne’s)
Thin paint brushes 4 sizes (2.99 at Joanne’s)
Can of Gold Spray Paint (Michaels or Joanne’s Fabrics $9.99)
Ruler, Hammer, Scissors or Round tool for shaping)
Pencil for tracing around the hammer or shaper you’ve chosen

Scythe (99 cent store)
Weapons (99 cent store)
Heads, skulls, arms & legs cut outs, fake arm (99 cent store)
Bracelets & Necklace (99 cent store)
Gold Bandana (99 cent store)Gold Ribbon (99 cent store)
Paper bloody hands and feet garland (99 cent store)


2 Pairs of Blue Tights (or more if you manage to make the multiple arms costume)
Black workout shortsBlack or Gold Bra, Bustier or Corset
Safety Pins
Chain Belt
Thick/Wide Gold Belt
Flat Sandals or Shoes you can spray gold or gold glittery shoes

Prepare crown ahead of time to allow it to dry:
Take large cardboard and draw large crown of pyramid or rounded shapes- use a pencil and trace around a hammer or scissors round areas to shape.

Make sure to create a 2-3 inch bottom which becomes the crown around the head. Do not cut into 2 pieces.
Make the long part like an upside down T.
Cut the entire crown out in one piece. So it looks like an upside down T with a large mausoleum or old building on top of it.
Take the spray paint and lay the crown on a plastic bag or newspaper outside and spray the gold glittery paint on it outside.
Glue gems with elmers glue all over the crown in whatever pattern you wish.Cut out colored foam (I used old easter egg foam) and glue it on the crown also in patterns.P aint with your glittery paint (not spray paint) on the colored foam to increase the glitter and jewel effect.

Potentially you could use more jewels from the fabric store but then your crown becomes really really heavy.

When it’s dry put your wig on and test how large the crown is over the wig. Where the 2 pieces meet you will want to either staple it or do the cut and slide as I did. (The cut and slide is when you cut the bottom up halfway on one side and the top down half way on the other and then slide the two pieces together to connect as one).

Prepare the accessories:

Whatever jewelry you can find which has skulls and bones- this is a must for this costume. You will not put it on until your makeup is on though.
Take your chain belt and your props accessories and safety pin them around your chain belt.
Take your swords and weapons and attach with safety pins or string or you can leave them out and tuck in later as you dress.
Cut gold glittery ribbon for your gold bracelet effect.Spray paint or use gold glittery kid paint on your shoes or buy gold glittery shoes (I like flats because the crown is huge anyway and I like to be able to walk around without falling on my rear).

Take one pair of blue tights and cut the crotch out big enough to create a hole for your head.
Take your gold sash or bandana and pin it to your bustier.
Remove paper hands and feet from garland and staple them to the outside of your workout shorts.
Put one pair of blue tights over your bottom half
Put the cut pair over your head and arms ( cut small slits for the fingers or simply buy footless tights)
Put the black or gold bustier on, the gold sash should go over your head to form a V on your neck.
Put on the workout shorts with the bloody hands and feet.
Color your face, neck, hands, feet and any exposed part with the blue makeup.Put on black and red eyeliner.
Put on lipliner and lipstick of your choice-reddish black is great.Add your jewelry and accessories and finally your wig and crown and you’re done! icon smile 5 Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes ” –Aleisha,

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  1. Thanks for featuring my Bubble Bath costume – I think I love homemade costumes as much as you guys! So much cheaper and so much more original!

  2. Thank you for providing it, Kristl! Very cute!

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