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Sponsored: How to Create a Video Message From Santa

The holidays will be here before we know it and you will want to book mark this page! Last year, I created a customized Santa video message for each of my children and the look on their faces was priceless! In fact, they watched over and over again!

Not only does Santa say your child’s name, but the video includes their photo, too. The steps are really easy to follow and the video is created in minutes. Either email it to yourself, or, if your child is already set up on email, you can email it to them as well. Oh! And watch during the suspense as your child waits to find out if they have been naughty or nice (yes, you have the option to choose the outcome!).

It’s so much fun and during the holidays last year, word traveled quickly through our elementary school and the kids were wondering when their message would arrive!

The ability to send a message to Santa for the holidays will start in November. Right now, you can use the site to send a birthday message!

To create your own video message from Santa, simply visit!


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