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Got Morning Sickness? Check out Gag Bagz

Okay… don’t hate me, but I am going to be honest when I say, after four pregnancies, I never once barfed. That’s not to say I never FELT like it, I just didn’t. However, if you are “enjoying” a particularly nauseous pregnancy or know someone who is experiencing morning sickness, you must check out the hilarious Gag Bagz.

In a packet with four sayings, moms can stash them in their purses for that “just in case” moment. Come to think of it, even if you aren’t a barfer, it doesn’t hurt to have these hilarious bags handy for the next time toddler tummy strikes your child!

Sayings from the 4 pack:

Morning Sickness Blows
That’s it, I’m naming the baby Ralph!
It ain’t easy feelin’ queasy
got crackers?

Top pick up your pack, be sure to visit:

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