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New Balance Socks for Kids

newbalancesocks New Balance Socks for Kids

As I was watching my daughter running around in her soccer class, wearing Vans tennis shoes, it hit me: I wouldn’t play soccer in my Vans, why should she? Doesn’t she need more of a running shoe for these sort of activities? The same goes for socks–are the Sleeping Beauty socks from the dollar bin at Target providing her feet support and comfort? Probably not. Which is why I love these New Balance socks for kids. Vibrant, cushy, and made with a moisture management material, the socks also provide arch support. Now isn’t that what we should be putting on our (growing) kid’s feet?

More tech info:

  • Stability Fit Arch Support & Hold technology provides gentle compression to support the arch, relieving arch-related pain or discomfort
  • Comfort toe seam
  • Lightning Dry® socks have a soft hand and wicking technology for maximum comfort
  • Y heel pocket fit
  • Body: 68% Polyester, 27% Cotton, 4% Spandex, 1% Nylon

To purchase New Balance Kids “No Show” Socks, $9.99 (for 6), click here.

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