Cute Girl’s Hair Accessories

Ahhhhh, girls. I clearly remember the excitement of buying my daughter’s first barrette. The decision on which one to get, then trying to figuring out where to place it in her hair (I’m a complete dummy when it comes to hair), and then the loss (I’ve come to found that it’s very difficult to not lose these little barrettes). Since that “first time” I’ve become more of a pro and have even learned how to put my daughter’s hair in pig tails. I also keep my eye out for cute accessories that don’t cost a bundle. Here are a few I’ve found, all hand-made, making them even more special. And remember, even if you don’t have a girl, these would make great baby shower or birthday gifts!–Alex

Natty Bratty

There’s just something so cute about a wee one wearing skulls–I can never get enough of them. These clips from Natty Bratty combine sugar and spice by placing the skull on a frilly tutu. The clip is lined with zebra print ribbon making the entire effect very rock star. Natty Bratty “Skully Tutu” clips, $6.00. Click here to order.


Breezy Mama Maria turned me on to this company. They sell pinch and snap clips, as well as hair bows, all at fantastic prices. These bunnies, with their jewels in the ear caught my eye because of the product description, “No sassy bunnies were harmed in the making of these clips.” Hee Hee. CheekyBean “Peta Rabbit Hair Clip”, $5.00. Click here to order.

Jack and Jane

I found this company on Etsy, and really had a hard time deciding which one to pick to show you all. Since owls are a Breezy Mama favorite, I decided to go with that, but they also have some pandas that are to die for. Almost every “button” can be made into either a clip or pony tail holder (such as the ones shown here) so if you’re like me, you’ll have a tough time deciding on one and will order every combo possible. Jack and Jane “Happy Hooters”, $4.50. Click here to order.


pediped® Footwear founder Angela Edgeworth has started her own online store, Kinderbliss, and you can bet that it’s filled with adorable stuff that will outfit your kiddos from top to bottom. So, let’s start with the top and these adorable crochet snap clip barrettes. Not only crocheted, but they also have teeny tiny beads sewn in. A work of art. Kinderbliss “Crochet Barrettes”, $12.00. Click here to order.

Pemberly Boutique

Everyday headbands seem to have the usual adornments of either a bow or flower, but not this one. Containing what they call a “Fiona spiked bow” this headband is 3/8″ and covered with grosgrain ribbon. The pink and brown make it preppy, but the spiked bow makes it rocker as well, because heaven knows we don’t want to box our girls into one stereotype. Pemberly Boutique “Jeany,” $8.00. Click here to order.

Breezy Exclusive! Readers can use coupon code: Mama15 for 15% off! Good through 12-31-10. Click here to start shopping.

Murdock Design

There’s a store in my town that sells the most adorable felt flower barrettes and headbands, but at exorbitant prices. So you can imagine my delight when I ran across Murdock Design on Etsy. The seller creates all sorts of felt flower barrettes at great prices. Colors range from the bright and merry, to the muted and sophisticated. Murdock Design “Colorful Wool Felt Flower Barrette,” $8.00. Click here to order.

Need some tips on how to style your girl’s hair? Click here to read Breezy Mama‘s How To: Hairstyles for Little Girls.

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  1. Those are all so super cute. Shopping for hairclip on Etsy is so addictive!!

  2. Wow! I LOVE the Jack and Jane ponytail holders and headbands. So cute! Can’t wait to order some for my daughter. 🙂 Thank you!!!

  3. So many cute hair accessories! I have a 16 month old daughter whom I would love to buy some of these for. The only problem is she is still completely bald! Oh-well….the bright side is that it keep me from spending too much money on irrisistable hair accessories 🙂

  4. So cute. Girls are so much fun! This reminds me of my friend’s company. She makes hair clip holders and hosts clip parties. Check it out:

  5. thanks for the cheekybean shout out! she also makes AMAZING hooded towels that last forever!

  6. I buy my daughter headbands from I buy the soft headwraps and I have all different colors and designs. I like the way they fit and my daughter loves them as well. Best part is – I throw them into the wash and the studs stay on. I dont think they reccomend washing them but I stick them into the machine all the time. As a mom of a really messy 2 year old thats important to me!

  7. Many thanks for the nattybratty props – and YAY for hand-made!! So many great designers out there and so many adorable little ones to accessorize!!!


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