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5 Exercises to Do While Cleaning the House

Admittedly, when I first heard of Clean Momma, I laughed. Then, as I was bored to death vacuuming, I realized founder Carolyn is on to something! If you have to do the day-to-day chores anyway, why not get your butt a little firmer or your arms more toned. Breezy Mama got 5 exercises you can do while doing simple chores like wiping the counter, giving your kids a bath and more!

From Carolyn, a.k.a. Clean Momma:

Before I get into the details of breaking down a few of my exercises you need to apply my golden rule: It’s all about technique and posture! If you don’t apply this then you will be wasting your time, kicking your legs up and getting very little out of it. If you do apply technique and purpose behind this, then you can turn the simplest movement into amazing results!

The key to technique is not only your form and posture, but your purpose behind this. You can do a leg lift, or you can “DO a leg lift”.

Stand tall and keep your abs engaged. Imagine there is a string pulling you up from the top of your head, and straightening out the spine. Think like a dancer.

Apply this rule to the following multitasking work outs:

1) The “RAG DRAG”:
This is the most amazing cardio work out that works your inner, outer thighs, your core, and elevates your heart rate!

This is awesome for cleaning your hard surface floors, but you can also do this multitasking cardio work out while you give your kids a bath, fold laundry, do your dishes.

How to do it:
– Get 2 damp rags, and place one under each foot., (if you are cleaning your floors, use whatever cleaner works for you.)
– Keep your legs shoulder width apart and get into a squat position, keeping your tush tucked in, back straight, and abs tight.
– Next take the right leg, (it doesn’t matter what leg), and bring it in and out 5-7 times cleaning the yuck off your floors, alternate legs and do the same with your left leg. I like to do this for at least 10-12 minutes, to really make the most out of it. Note, the harder you press down the more you will work your body, and clean your floors. 🙂

For a demonstration (and what to do if you only have carpet), watch:

2) Wax on wax off:
This is a great way to clean your counter tops and get toned arms and tight abs!!!
I’ve been told by my fellow mommies that they like my arms. I wanted to share one of my fab secrets to great arms while cleaning countertops, which seriously is a gazillion times a day, because my kids like to make their own food using paprika, flour, and dirt. Don’t ask. Long and short, there is constant goo on them. I figure, if I’m already cleaning them, I might as well get the bonus on toning up my arms, core, and tush!

– Face your counter top, keeping your back straight, and tummy tight,
– Get into a plie position (great for the tush FYI).
– Engage your tummy while standing up tall, with your shoulders down. The more you engage your abs the more of an ab work out you’ll get.
– Pick an arm to start with and as you clean your counter tops press down hard to create a resistance. Think about isolating the muscles.
– Do ten circles on each side really getting the jelly off your counter tops!
– Do this throughout your day on each counter top and it really adds up!
Make sure you don’t wiggle your hips and really pay attention to your posture (don’t forget to plie)!

The key to getting great abs with this is keeping your hips square with the table or counter, DON’T wiggle. then as you spray your table with cleaner, take your right arm and push down and make 10 large circles. Switch to the left and do the same. if you apply this technique every time you wipe down your counter top, you will be amazed at how quickly your reps add up!!!!

For a demonstration (and what to do if you only have carpet), watch:

3) Time presses:

This is a personal favorite, and FAB for the arms and tummy. I say “when you have the time… do 10!”

This is a very basic push up that you can do at your sink, every time you throw a snack tray in there, or at your changing table. Make a little rule for yourself, “Every time I …. I will do 10 push ups. listen to your body, if you can do 12-15 great.

Here is how:
Place your hands on your counter top keeping your back and neck in a straight line. Then slowly bring your chest to the counter while keeping your abs tight. Come up and repeat. Remember to keep your neck straight in line with your spine, and your abs tight.

4) LEG LIFTS to the side and back:

Here is the deal… you can’t just randomly kick your leg up and down and expect major results. It all comes down to technique and form. If you approach your leg kicks as if you were in a ballet class, doing a ballet bar while you wash dishes, and fold laundry, not only will you work your inner and outer thighs, but your core/ tummy muscles as well.
So if you are hanging out around your home with or with out your kids, get a bunch in.

Here is how:
-Start by standing straight and tall, as if a string were pulling you up from the top of your head. Make sure you keep your shoulders down and your tummy engaged (tight). This will help you with your balance.
– Start with your right leg, ( it doesn’t matter, just pick one), and lift it to the side, (6-7 inches) while flexing your foot. Flexing the foot really helps work the outer part of the thigh.
-Make sure that your hips don’t wiggle and that they are squared off to what you are facing, i.e. a table, kitchen sink…. To maintain your balance, keep abs tight, and body pulled up.
– Bring your leg down and up 20 times on each side while you go through your day doing what ever.

5) Bath tub dips:
Hate the back flabby part of your arms? Try this quick tip while giving your kids a bath.
Many thanks to those who have expressed their love for my arms. Needless to say… my daughter sophie, (age 7) still manages to find that little piece of flab on the back of them. She actually wrote a song ,”Wiggle, wiggle mommy’s arm jiggle” ( I swear!).
That being said… I quickly discovered this Fab exercise that is soooo easy to incorporate during bath time, and quickly gives you fast results!

I call this “The Bathtub Bench Press”. I get 2-3 sets of 10 while running the bath water and filling up the tub.

Here’s what you do:
-Face away from the bathtub and place your arms behind you on the tub’s edge, keeping them straight.
– Bend your knees and make sure your legs are shoulder width apart.
– keeping your abs tight, and shoulders down, slowly bend your elbows and bring your tush down, without touching the floor.
-Hold for a count of one then come up slowly as you straighten your arms.
-Do this 10 times. If you can do another set, then repeat for an additional count of ten.

Note: Remember to listen to your body. Don’t push yourself. if you feel pain, stop. If you have neck or lower back problems, consult your doctor before doing this exercise.

THE KEY TO RESULTS… YOUR FORM! (Once you get the hang of it, you can really get a bunch in by the end of the day!)

The idea behind all the multitasking exercises, is, if you are doing the chore anyway, by adding purpose, and technique behind them, you can really define and tone your muscles. In order to lose weight, and truly make a difference, you need to take into account what you are eating, and your level of motivation.

Your body is yours forever. What are you going to do with it? How are you going to treat it? It’s up to you!

To get more exercises and to learn more, visit

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  1. this is hillarious. ill have to try it today while cleaning up after sadie and gary- with how messy they are, i should be lookin good in no time 🙂

  2. Amy Glancy says:

    Love it! Carolyn… you are totally on to something!

  3. What a great way to add fitness into your everyday routine. Love the how to demos, great job. Just proves we can fit fitness in everywhere.


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