Kids’ Tees To Get You Laughing

big wheelNothing makes me chuckle more than a good phrase on a kiddo’s shirt. Although sometimes I feel bad that the kid is playing around in a tee that says something that he couldn’t care less about, it’s a fun, innocent way for us parents to get a kick. Here are a few that we found to get you going–from those shirts that take you back to YOUR youth, to rock bands, to just plain funny, you’ll find something that will look perfect on your mini-me. –Alex

That’s How I Roll Tee
When I was little, I loved my Big Wheel like nothing else. My family moved to Chile when I was three, and the Big Wheel came with us. I was the only one of my Chilean friends who had one, making me feel even cooler. So, when I found out that the Big Wheel was reintroduced (minus the hand break–too many liabilities), I immediately got one for my son. Now, he can wear this tee and drive around like mad and I can relive those memories even more. That’s How I Roll Tee, $11.99. Click here to order from DeezTeez.

metallica teeMetallica “Crayon” Onesie
Let everyone know your music preference by having your baby wear it. I like this tee because though I wouldn’t call Metallica “kid” music, the onesie, with it’s bright colors and child-like drawing, is. Metallica “Crayon” Onesie, $16.99. Click here to order from Amazon.

Ask Me About Dinosaurs Teedinos
What is it about preschoolers and dinosaurs?? This tee is a must for any of you who know a kid that can tell you the name of any dinosaur. Speaking of, is it just me or have they discovered a plethora more since we were in grade school? Ask Me About Dinosaurs Tee, $12.00. Click here to order from Busted Tees.

johnny cashCrawl the Line Onesie
For you Johnny Cash fans, this onesie is a great play on words with Cash’s Walk the Line. Black (of course) with classy imagery, what more could your little crawler want? Crawl the Line Onesie, $15.99. Click here to order from Amazon.

I Was Never That Hungry Hungry Teehungry hippo
I saw this and started cracking up. I mean, why were they hungry HUNGRY hippos and not just hungry hippos? I Was Never That Hungry Hungry tee, $12.00. Click here to order from Busted Tees.

tux romperTuxedo Romper
This photo really doesn’t do it justice, but can you imagine how adorable this would look on your toddler? And how much more comfortable he’d be running around in it instead of the real thing at your cousin’s wedding? Or, maybe he’s a classy little guy and he’ll bust it out at a park date. Whatever you choose, he’ll get all the ladies by wearing it. Tuxedo Romper, $19.75. Click here to order from

Kiss Lil’ Monster Teekiss tee
A perfect mix of makeup, hair, and beanie babies, this KISS tee is fantastic for the children of all KISS fans. Get it and they will be partying every day and rocking all night. Kiss Lil’ Monster Tee, $13.99. Click here to order from World Famous

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  1. Lena Kubota says:

    Those are funny! My favorites are the chothing items we get sent from relatives in Japan that have wacky English phrases on them:
    -I’m Free Happy Things There Are A Lot Of
    -We enjoyed the wonderful natural view of the ravine
    -Water Punch!

  2. Those sound awesome. I can just picture them–those phrases with a Hello Kitty-esque cartoon drawing. Priceless.

  3. Funny tees tug on my heart strings!!! I only wish my big boy was still small enough for the Johnny Cash onsie! I am so getting him a big wheel.


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